The Community Bans Project

Rusty Ban holds a vast database of players that have fallen short of the minimum expected requirements to be a valid member of the Rust community.
From Hacking to Racism, Hate Speech to Anti-Semitism, Toxicity to Out Right Disregard Of The Rules!
We have a place just for them.

Our Plugin

You can start protecting your server with RustyBanLite available at CodeFling.com
Our plugin checks every connecting player to see if they have been reported to us... You can choose to outright block reported players or let them in but warn your team via rcon or discord webhook

Start Protecting your server today

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Centralized banning

FacePunch has added the ability to use Centralized banning on all servers
This means you can protect your vanilla server with our database without the need to install oxide,
Here at RustyBan we have overhauled our API system to offer this solution,
All you need to do is set the server convar as below:

server.bansserverendpoint http://api.rustyban.com/centralcheck.php?steamId=

More information about this Rust feature can be found at https://wiki.facepunch.com/rust/centralized-banning